About Casa Alegria


Unforgettable experience & Joy.

Casa Alegria

Our mission is to bring joy and happiness to the world. The sacred geometry, with unique architecture geodesic dome, butterflies, and flowers, celebrates the unique biodiversity of Costa Rica with our community. We opened our doors in December of 2019, with the goal of bringing more awareness to our ecosystem and the preservation of nature and butterflies. We are a family run association that loves nature and we believe in having magical moments in the kaleidoscope garden. Many people say the dome is like walking into an unforgettable dream.

The entire community helped raise this incredible structure, which is the largest seven frequency geodesic dome in the world, designed by Buckminister Fuller. The diameter is 22 meters wide and the dome is 11 meters high.

This magical, butterfly pavilion geodesic dome is home to hundreds of butterflies, flower gardens, a yoga circle, a wedding arch, waterfalls, Koi fish, a hatching laboratory with microscopes, a library, and a “birthing” room for the hundreds of crystalis that we nurture. We offer a guided tour by a biologist who uses high technology lupas in our laboratory and caterpillar hotels, with a class, and interesting facts about butterflies.

The pavilion is wheel chair accessible and fun for the whole family.

Our cafe offers a gelato and sorbet factory that uses the best, local farmed, fair-trade products from the Costa Rican Rain Forest such as raw sugar, organic berries, fresh cow milk, and vegan coconut milk. It is a true explosion of natural flavors! Our Gelaterier is Chamonix Lua Wolff, trained in Bologna, Italy, at the Carpegiani University.

You can kick back and relax in our cafe with a cappuccino and high speed internet. We also offer fresh juices, coffee, brioches, pies, salads, and vegan/gluten-free options.

The kids can play in the park with swings, slides, climbing, and board games.

Private or public yoga classes and meditations are offered as well. Sound healing with crystal bowls, violin, voices, and drums, is an angelic concert immersing in meditation.