We are a wild Life sanctuary and The largest Butterfly Dome Garden in central America, home of hundreds of butterflies, wild life refugie. Coffee & BAKED GOODS, high speed internet are a plus. Also we make fresh ice-cream, all natural ingredients, school in Italy. Gelato and sorbet. We have a play area for children,We offer spa servises and yoga Studio. Located at the foot hills of the highest mountain in costa rica.At the small village of Canaan de Rivas. We are in the edge of the Chirripo National Park, the Costa Rican biodiversity is one of the highest in the world. Primary forest all around. This provides us with Pure air, fresh clean water, many rivers, waterfalls in the enchanted forests. Great surroundings. On the way to the park entrance in for the Cerro Chirripó. Highest Mountain peak in Costa Rica, destination for hikers and nature lovers.


The dome is eleven meters high, and twenty-two meters diameter With unique arquitectura and hundreds of butterflies, including the Blue Morphos, giant blue butterflies, create a magical dream sort of experience. Science laboratory, lupa, and guided science explanations on ecology of the butterflies.

Studio of Yoga and spa & sound Healing Therapy.

Eco tourism to reforestation project in cloud bridge hiking, waterfalls, rivers, paragliding, mountain biking,

In our village there is a cheese factory, gourmet chocolate factory.

Shopping for gifts, made by local artists.

Home made gelato, coffee shop and bakery.

The kids Park has great swings and twist slides.

This is The gate way of Chirripó National Park.

WE are partially closing for the raining season. The cafe and classes. The butterfly dome will stay open, be back in beginning of December with all facilities open. Every day FROM 9am-4pm.

The cost is 6.000 colones fo tourists

3.000 cólones for tourist children.

3.000 colones for local Costa Rican residents.

1.000 for local children till 10.

We are located about 40 minutes drive from the nearest city center, San Isidro de Perez del Zeledon.

Join us for your vacation, group package available for students and families

An unforgettable experience!